Sundown Canvas Solids & Stripes


Sundown Canvas & Awning

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Made In Spain By
 Sauleda, S.A. Established 1897
10 Year Limited Warranty
These are top of the line Canvas Materials

Are you thinking of installing an awning?
Do you know which qualities to ask for in an awning fabric? These have all the specs

• Unmatchable solidity in the fabric color
• Solidity of the fabric when exposed to the light and
  atmospheric agents
• Maximum resistance of the fabric to rot
• Dimensional stability of the awning
• Maximum resistance to breakage caused by traction
• Maximum resistance to atmospheric contamination
• It must be permeable to air and water repellent
• Fabrics with protected designs
• UV Protection
• Easy to maintain fabric
• Barrier effect of the fabric due to the Teflon® finish
• Fabric manufacture warranty


All our acrylic fabrics have been impregnated with TEFLON ®. This creates a barrier effect and reinforces the water repellency of the fabric. Furthermore, it delays the adherence of soil onto the fabric. It is important to know that agents such as acid rain or birds' excrements, as well as washing the fabric with an abrasive product may damage the TEFLON ® finish.

 All products MASACRIL manufactured by Sauleda, S.A. offer the following exclusive advantages:

colour stability

High resistance to
light and atmospheric

Maximum efficiency
against putrefying
agents. Shrink proof.
Maximum resistance
to tearing due
to stretching
Maximum resistance
to atmospheric pollution
Permeability to
air and water