Sunguard Outdoor UV Thread. Made of bonded Dupont Polyester.
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Threads Sold In 4oz. Spools   -------  BLACK, WHITE & BEAVER AVAILABLE IN 16 OZ. SPOOLS

Bobbins in Colors Black, White, And Beaver Available in 1/2 Gross Packs / 72 Bobbins
Manufactured at a Q-1 (Ford) rated mill in the USA. This thread is a size B92 (also known as Size 16). Sunguard is a UVR bonded polyester thread that is ultraviolet resistant and mildew resistant. Suitable for all applications including marine, automotive, furniture, and industrial. Can be used on boat toppings, awnings, tents, canvas, furniture upholstery, automotive vinyls, leather, etc... Colors match marine acrylic and automotive OEM vinyl colors.

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